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Celebrity Feud….the good, the bad plus the gains, losses and the thrills for the fans

Written by on July 29, 2017

The African music industry has come of age and is definitely here to stay. It has not only become accepted in Africa but has become a global genre. As the local music industry now exports young African talents who trend top of the charts and go on tour for their fans around the globe. This indeed is a good feat, but it has also brought along beefs among the celebrities.

Looking at the music industry in general, it is expected that artists will try to outshine their contemporary in terms of sound and video quality, fan base and show turn-out, and most especially, the amount of money they make off their work. Some even brag about these things in their lyrics, which rubs off on other artists by way of discrimination. This sometimes escalates when on-air personalities put these artists in the spotlight with “interesting” questions during interviews.

In recent times, we have seen friendships that have been built over the years grow sour all of a sudden. Who would ever have thought that Harrysong and Kcee would ever part ways, talk more of talking down to each other? And going further down the years, our consciousness would be besieged by onerous disloyalty within the music industry. Remember how close Wizkid and Davido were? Who would have thought that both talented singers would find it hard to resolve their long-standing rivalry? Theirs is even more interesting because, on several occasions, it was fueled by their fans. Just as Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo beef was spurred by their supporters.

The rivalry in the Ghanaian music industry has add another interesting dimension to the saga. The trigger question running through the minds of artists, fans and stakeholders has remained – Who is the king of dancehall? To which Shatta Wale will respond – I am the king! And Stonebwoy will echo similar claim as the king of dancehall. Both remain great talents nonetheless, and any effort to publicly compare their brands and talent will ignite discontent between them. Well, this has, in turn, helped gingered them to roll out more songs, which is a good thing for their fans and audience.

The latest spark up between Falz and 9ice adds sauce the unending drama for the fans. Though both have handled it with such maturity whenever the media tries to intensify the beef into a sort of rivalry. The story is simple: Falz spoke up openly against artistes approving internet fraud with their song content and called out 9ice’s single – Living Things. Interestingly, 9ice is not the only one culprit in this. We have had “great” singles from Mr Olu Maintain (Yahoozee), Kelly Hansome (Maga Don Pay), Terry G (Hallelujah) which all approved of this popular cyber-crime. The good thing is that 9ice has not taken this overboard. However, other concerned individuals have come open to call Falz a hypocrite who has been caught in the triangle by his stage name – Falz The Bahd Guy and his hot single – Soft Work! They have advised he finds himself a new name, remove barely nude girls in his videos and stop the use of foul language before claiming innocence.

All these have but one outcome for the fans – more stories to read about, more music to listen to and more dance steps to grind to. Hopefully, African artists won’t go gangster like their American counterpart back then in the 90s. Finally, interviewers who try to unmask this feud need to tread the path of caution also as this has the power to trigger intense disputes from simple questions answered wrongly or misquoted.

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