“Cosoro” is a home name created from the Yoruba phrase “kò só rò” (a popular language in Nigeria) which could mean the “end of discussion”, a way of saying “I agree” or just an expression of greatness. We are truly great and that’s the “end of discussion”…..Cosoro!!!

The Cosoro Platforms include: Cosoro Radio, Cosoro Records & Cosoro Box. Our platforms broadcast and share African music to the world. We aim at reaching millions of listeners from different backgrounds and musical orientation and introduce the best of African music to all.

Cosoro Radio is an Afrobeat Radio Station in Manchester, Glasgow, Portsmouth, Norwich United Kingdom, on Alexa Skills, Mobile Apps (Google Play & Apple Store) and Online. Listen to the best of Afrobeat Music, Entertainment Gist, Live Talk Shows, Trending News, and keep up with your favorite artist on our radio and blogs.

Cosoro Records is of course a record label with support to our signed artistes like “Bounty”.

Cosoro Box is a music sharing platform where anyone can upload their sounds, music, and podcasts to the world and connect with music lover around the globe. Discover new people, share your favorite music with friends on social networks, create playlists and organize your music the way you like and engage with other artistes.

Join in the movement, share our page with your friends and colleagues….even your enemies ???! It’s time for African music to take on the world

Our office is base in Manchester, United Kingdom & Lagos, Nigeria.

Cosoro… For Afrobeats Lovers!!!

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